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4 min readJan 8, 2021

Best connection are amongst the Top 5 recruitment agencies in the UK. I have named my Top 5 with details of their specialist areas, core services and contact information in no order.

Recruitment agency is often a term that sends small and medium sized business owners shuddering back to their desks. Is it a necessary evil? Are all recruiter’s sales monsters? ‘Why can’t we do it ourselves?’ are common statements. Although a scary concept, recruitment, and using a recruitment agency in one way or another typically ends up being an essential aspect of any organisation and getting it right is important for the future of a business.

However, there are many recruitment agencies, some of which will fail to deliver and others that will surpass all expectations. The difficult part is finding the right agency for your business. Fortunately, we’ve made that process easier for you with a list of the top recruitment firms and agencies in the UK and London.

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Propel is a recruitment firm with a focus on digital businesses and the tech sector in London and further afield. Propel provide a range of recruitment services including executive Search, Salary Benchmarking and Reporting, Organisation Design, Consultancy and Competitive Market Mapping

Specialist areas: Advertising, Media, Mobile, Marketing, Retail, E-commerce, Travel, Saas, Fintech and Creative Services.

Useful: Propel is heavily involved in the startup space. They run a range of events you can find out more about on their blog.

Contact: Click here for Propel.

Best Connection

Maintaining an optimal balance between workload patterns and people in order to fulfil clients’ needs is what we do. And we are brilliant at it. Tackling the dynamic ebb and flow of demand requires an agile partner with the capability to serve local or national needs quickly and professionally. This is why The Best Connection has grown to become a leader in delivering…


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